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From the works of JJ Owens, Promises

Have you ever found yourself in love just       for the sake of Love itself?      Love does possess a power and            life of its own.
First, to capture one's passion, then with a self-giving ability, it creates truth and inspires virtue.
It constrains the will, quickens the senses and challenges motive and intentions. Self-denial and personal sacrifice are her distinguishing characteristics. Love unconditional is that rare         and precious gift.
It occurs once, maybe twice in a lifetime.       It finds one in ten thousand.
Never to be misconstrued with the      self-serving, self-seeking common-place events so wrongfully  taken for loving relationships.
Whether short lived or given to longevity, such mutual manipulations of mind and body           can but hold dull, dimming reflections in tarnished wares held in comparison to Love's cherished        crystal clear brilliance, marked by unconditional gracious favor.
So, if by chance you find yourself to be, Love's Honore…