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The all important Course Corrections

There's just no escaping the fact we each need from time to time to re-calibrate our internal compasses and get back on course. In the same manner we rotate our automobile tires, check the air pressures and balance or have our front in aliments readjusted, our spirit man also requires regular tune ups.
Life has a way of wearing us down, throwing pot-wholes, speed-bumps and a host of other sorted road hazards in our pathways. One day you're just gliding along trouble, hassle free. Knowing exactly where you're going and assured that the route traveled is the wises and best choice to guarantee a safe and successful arrival. Unplanned for expenses, a personal illness, the lost of a love and or loved one, all serve to loosen our grip and unhinge our focus.
GOD never intended for you and I to go it alone! 
Our Spiritual lives need regular maintenance, reconnecting to the source of all spiritual strength and power is a must..., not an option for believers. 
I have always found that one…