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A Day In Eternity, or Drops in the Bucket

Is GOD's Reality also Your Reality?
Why is it that, usually the wider the angle the more precise your prospective?
Our given sense of what we believe to be true, or our reality, and even the way we view the world, has all to do with where we stand.
That is why something as simple as changing our mood or our current feelings is as easy as just changing our focus.  Believe me, it works every time!
The Apostle Paul writes in Ephesians 2:6, And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. That is that GOD has elevated our spiritual status. He has taken our lives of weakness and limitations and has invited us sit and see from His mountain top. 
Imagine  now living out the circumstances of your days remembering that GOD sees and knows your end from the beginning, and desires and designs every best outcome for You. What great peace and assurance that comes with living with that reality. 
If we choose to only embrace the here and now, and forsake an e…

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Truly the Greatest Story Ever Told Told

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The Ways of Love

Dedicated to You
with my thoughts I’ll hold you dear, speak heart to soul reassure your fears
with my strength I'll wage this fight to guard our love with all my might
with my time each moment I'll live fulfill each promise my all I’ll give Jj Owens

The True Battleground

The True Battleground
The true battle is of and for your Mind

Why... The battle of Life is for the Mind
The battle of the Mind is for Your Focus!!!!

In fact, Your, current Focus is dictating Your current Feelings
…. Your mood, attitudes, and beliefs

So there are three main influences to your Mind and Focus

The Mind of a Man (You Yourself)
The Mind of the World (Satan and the Cosmos)
The Mind of GOD (The WORD and Spirit)
You own mind and thinking has largelybeen  shaped by family upbringing, family traditions, and personal exposure.
The mind or mentality of the world is usually the commonly and
contemporary held beliefs and norms widely excepted and adopted in 
our society.

Finally and most important are the Words, Teachings and Truths found
in the Bible, confirmed in the inner spirit man as we discover and learn
GOD's voice.

We must Guard our Minds above all else

Here are a few reminders to help renew and regain your Focus:

Discover what inspires, stimulates, and motivates you
Identify what you love a…

True Success

Summum bonum Latin for the highest good... True Success is to End up Where You Began...
— jj owens (@Joshuajamesowen) October 8, 2012