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With Him ...Without Him

In  2010 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz stared in the globe-trotting action-comedy adventure Knight And Day .In short both reverse rolls as care-takers of the other's well being, and must remind each other that, only by putting complete trust in the other,[ at critical times in the plot,] will they survive unfolding events.  Thus the use of their punch-line,"With me.... Without me"  This phase is a great mantra for the Christian walk.  JESUS declares.., "Apart from Me, You can do Nothing" (John 15:5), that surely includes guaranteeing our physical and more importantly our spiritual being. 
It drives home the realities faced as we journey from earth to glory. Many are the pitfalls, unseen dangers and real enemies to our souls. 
As we give up our self reliance, and learn to whole - heartily trust in His guidance and insights, and even the more..., GOD's  power and desire to keep us safe, we fall in love with Him as well!  
Then there are the character issue..., Pau…