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ToDay is my Real Birthday...The Day of Salvation in Remembrance

The Day of My Birth... January 27th, 1973
The Place of My Birth... 234 Glennie Drive, Apt. 210

My earliest recollections of the reality and presence of GOD came
during Catholic School religious instruction classes at age 7, as
I prepared for my first communion.

When that Special Sunday finally arrived, I recall my excitement and joy.
As I walked on my way to the church that bright May morning, the sky never
seemed so blue, the grass so green..., birds sang.  I experienced His presence
in a real way that day.

It took severely more years for me to submit to GOD's will. I questioned,
why me, why so young, but when the moment of invitation confronted my
heart, there could be only one choice.

Serve GOD and live, deny and die! Well I choose life that Saturday
evening in my bedroom, just the Holy Spirit and myself, but I Knew.
Now I know that I know, that I know, that I Know!

More than anything, what a Love, what a Grace, what Long Suffering
towards me over the years.

Thank you LORD, f…