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Meet Deereck Castrol Pasqaul"
"I love to draw because i feel i can imagine,and create my own world and story!!!!!!! some day i want to be an animator or an anime."

Deerek is an amazingly talented young artist who lives in
Caloocan city , Philippines along with his single Mom
and four other siblings. Deerek who is 15 years old attend classes at kalayaan National High School also in Calooccan In order for Deerek to fulfill his dream of becoming a graphic artist and continue to develop his skills, he and his family need to purchase a professional drawing and editing system with animation software.   Our goal is to raise 7,500.00 towards Deerek's Dream
Every gift either small or grand is so vital and very much appreciated 
Please consider helping us raise the need funds f or Deerek's Dream