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With Him ...Without Him

In  2010 Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz stared in the globe-trotting action-comedy adventure Knight And Day .In short both reverse rolls as care-takers of the other's well being, and must remind each other that, only by putting complete trust in the other,[ at critical times in the plot,] will they survive unfolding events.  Thus the use of their punch-line,"With me.... Without me"  This phase is a great mantra for the Christian walk.  JESUS declares.., "Apart from Me, You can do Nothing" (John 15:5), that surely includes guaranteeing our physical and more importantly our spiritual being. 
It drives home the realities faced as we journey from earth to glory. Many are the pitfalls, unseen dangers and real enemies to our souls. 
As we give up our self reliance, and learn to whole - heartily trust in His guidance and insights, and even the more..., GOD's  power and desire to keep us safe, we fall in love with Him as well!  
Then there are the character issue..., Pau…

Speak New Life into Your World

Everything you see in the natural world today was spoken into existence by the wishes and WORD of GOD For by faith we understand that the worlds were fashioned by the word of God, and these things that are seen came into being out of those things which are unseen. (Hebrews 11:3)

Your Words have power, JESUS said..., by your words, are we justified, and  by your words shall you be commended (Matthew 12:37)

And recall... Death and Life are in the the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21)

The words we speak are really a reflection of how we view our world, they express either our positive expectations or our  negative outlooks.

A positive attitude can be a person's greatest asset. In fact, an upbeat attitude can take people to places that their ability could never carry them on its own. Attitude acts like a booster rocket, lifting people to a higher altitude than they could otherwise climb.(John Maxwell )

Beginning today how can you change your speech  to line up with GOD's mind and…