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The all important Course Corrections

There's just no escaping the fact we each need from time to time to re-calibrate our internal compasses and get back on course. In the same manner we rotate our automobile tires, check the air pressures and balance or have our front in aliments readjusted, our spirit man also requires regular tune ups.
Life has a way of wearing us down, throwing pot-wholes, speed-bumps and a host of other sorted road hazards in our pathways. One day you're just gliding along trouble, hassle free. Knowing exactly where you're going and assured that the route traveled is the wises and best choice to guarantee a safe and successful arrival. Unplanned for expenses, a personal illness, the lost of a love and or loved one, all serve to loosen our grip and unhinge our focus.
GOD never intended for you and I to go it alone! 
Our Spiritual lives need regular maintenance, reconnecting to the source of all spiritual strength and power is a must..., not an option for believers. 
I have always found that one…

Yes...,He Really Gets Me...

Everyone I know wants to be understood..., it's a longing in each heart to have people around us who really "get us!" Most of us spend half a lifetime figuring out who it is that we truly are, so when someone comes along that recognizes our uniqueness, we breathe a sigh of  relief.
The Bible says in I Cor. 13:12For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; 
then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.
The truth revealed here in scripture by the Apostle Paul is profound and yet simple. Heaven both knows us and understands who we really are and are meant to be. So if that be the case it only stands to reason, the more time spent in His presence the more self-aware we become.
In fact GOD, your creator, has an individual name stored up for you. Rev. 2:17 That very special name also carriers with it your eternal character and purpose. When you allow His Will for your life by submitting it to Him, you begin to as Paul sai…

Welcome to the retelling of the Greatest Story Ever Told

Habits Decide Future.... Not Desires

Habits Decide Future.... Your Daily Habits are influencing what your futures will be....

The Statement "Today is the first Day of the rest of your Life" seeks to drive Home the principle that its never to late to get your bearings and set things in the right direction as the Chinese Proverb..., Every Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with the First Step...

And so its been said..., if you succeed it will be tied to some one thing you did daily.., likewise.. if you fail it will be traced back to some daily Habits.
said another way creating a successful life is the result/practice of a pattern of good habits and likewise if you develop a life-style of bad or unhealthy habits they will divert and postpone GOD's best life and future for you

Habits are more powerful than desire....

GOD has always encouraged His people to seek Him Daily... To rehearse His Word and Principles Daily until they work to change our thinking and deeds.

So Psalms 145:2 declares..., Every day I will b…