For we walk by Faith

Fresh Cup
Daily Inspirations

Week Day Mornings Two Sessions
7:00AM – 7:30AM & 7:30AM – 8:00AM

For we walk by Faith

In the Sanctuary of
St. Paul’s Cathedral
At the corner of Church & Main

A nondenominational inner-faith daily devotion
Facilitated by Elder B. TY Shaw (True Bethel), Minister Rachelle Sat’chell
(Elim Christian Fellowship) D. Jimmy Davis Minister of Music (Humboldt Baptist)

To become Your Best You...,

Life will present you with challenges that will seem to be beyond your means and abilities. In those defining moments only one virtue will guarantee your success more than any other... it’s Your Faith!

The Joys of triumph are rewarded to those choose to live and walk by Faith

Faith is the added GOD X Factor that makes the elements, natural forces, nature, time, place and circumstances all line up to the Decree and Providence of Heaven here on Earth

Ps 8 tells us that... even though man is lower than Spiritual Beings and the Powers of the Universe, GOD has favored him and created him for dominance over this World

Jesus taught His believers that as long as they stayed connected to Him in and by the Spirit they could live a Life of No Limits and No Boundaries

Say it with me Now ..., ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!


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