Growth Through Giving

Fresh Cup
Daily Inspirations

Week Day Mornings Two Sessions
7:00AM – 7:30AM & 7:30AM – 8:00AM

Give and it shall be Given You

In the Sanctuary of
St. Paul’s Cathedral
At the corner of Church & Main
A nondenominational inner-faith daily devotion
Facilitated by Elder B. TY Shaw (True Bethel), Minister Rachelle Sat’chell
(Elim Christian Fellowship) Minister Paulette Woods (Prince of Peace) D. Jimmy Davis Minister of Music

Give and it shall be Given You

JESUS taught... If you seek to gain life's stuff and positions you will ultimately loose out... However those who give up on personal worldly aspirations in turn find and gain all...

the proverbs say ... it is one who gathers to himself yet has lack... and there is he who disburses to many yet has much...

In GOD's Economy the way to get is by giving.... And the currency of Heaven is Humility Prov.22:4


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