Reflection of a Father



         my father, my face

                   this man I see

          one in the same 

          behold the reflection

                   of man is me! 

          what of that one,        

                   some twenty year before 

          when promise was made to

                   live better than he

                             I swore?

          by example, my thought

                    I know what not to do 

          the path I choose

                   must be different from you.       


          I’ll set my sights

                   on lofty goals afar 

          reaching forth to

                   conquer yonder star

          ascend to life’s mammoth cliff

                   stand as giants do

                             atop this, my mountain rift.    


now silence speaks

          from deep within  

heart and soul

          have revealed your sin

beaten brow, cry…

          I cry, these eyes have wept 

for scared vows

          have I not kept

descend your peak

          from where you stand 

be touched by such a human infirmity

          so common to man

look behind

          from where I am 

to view the future

          within these hands

my father my face

          this one I see 

behold the reflection

          of man is me! 

jj owens

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